Donald Trump Jr.
See Donald Trump Jr.'s Camo Outfit That Was Torn To Shreds By The Internet
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The picture that's become the laughingstock of the internet shows a smiling Donald Trump Jr. posing beside Trump attorney Alina Habba and right-wing commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Trump Jr. wore a splotchy camo sweater pulled over a dress shirt and paired it with khaki pants and what looked like camo shoes. Everyone seemed to agree it wasn't a good look.
A social media user wrote, "One of those got dressed in the dark," referring to Trump Jr.'s light, outdoorsy look, while the others in the shot were dressed in semi-formal attire.
Others were convinced he chose to wear the sweater on purpose. "Felt so good about his choice he got matching shoes," a user teased, pointing out the camouflage footwear.
Former Republican and prosecutor Ron Filipkowski uploaded the photo, and one user connected it with the family's ongoing fraud trial, calling the sweater "Scamo" instead of camo.