Queen Elizabeth’s health and mobility issues have caused her to miss several royal events, including some that were included in her historic Platinum Jubilee. It seems that every day, the press is trying to figure out where the queen will be and where she won't be, and one event in particular has confused many onlookers.
Elizabeth had to miss another one of her favorite events, the Royal Ascot horse race, due to her mobility struggles. However, fans watching the race thought they spotted the queen's official flag being raised at the ceremony, leading to confusion as to whether or not she was in attendance; luckily, this mix-up is simple to explain.
Queen Elizabeth’s flag seen at the ceremony was actually the flag of Royal Standard of the Princess Royal, in honor of Princess Anne; fittingly, Queen Anne of England began the tradition of the Ascot horse race in 1711. The two flags do look rather similar, so it makes sense why there was confusion.