Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan Markle's Future Isn't So Bright
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In September 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to develop TV shows, movies, and children's projects. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings previously stated that Meghan and Harry would offer "some of the most exciting, most viewed content" to the company.
However, almost two years after signing the contract, Netflix confirmed in May 2022 that Meghan’s animation series "Pearl" will not be produced. The news is likely to have come as a shock to the former royal couple, and one royal expert believes the Duchess of Sussex's future perhaps isn't so bright.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex “are not the investment they thought they were,” according to Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce, who remarked on Netflix's decision to cancel Meghan's animated series. “This contract is not even two years old and they've realised already that her celebrity is fading in the United States,” Pierce added.
Netflix claims Meghan's animated series was canceled due to financial difficulties at the company, which also resulted in the cancellation of other productions and the layoff of several employees. While Harry's projects appear to be moving forward, we have to wonder what this implies for Meghan and her upcoming Netflix ventures.