Outdated Nail Trends That We Should Bring Back
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First up, the prim, pink and white French manicure. Nail expert Michelle Humphrey explains, "The French manicure made an epic comeback this year and is here to stay, alongside its sibling the American mani, which has a softer, more natural white tip."
French manicure
Remember jelly sandals from the '90s? Don’t panic — they aren’t returning, but jelly nails are making a huge resurgence. The see-through polish is perfect for adding all kinds of designs on top to change it up if you get bored before your next manicure.
Jelly nails
If you still aren’t psyched enough, you might be glad to hear that glitter manicures are now back in a big way. We don't mean sheer, subtle glittery nails either; these chunky glitter manis are meant to make a bold statement.
glitter nails
If chunky glitter isn’t your vibe, you can go the opposite way and still be stylish, because the naked manicure is back, which involves a nude-as-can-be polish with just a hint of shine. This mani got its name because it looks like an unpolished nail from afar, but is far sleeker.
naked manicure
Square nails are back so move over oval manis, and short nails are here too! Manicurist Rita Remark said, "While longer oval nails will still be popular, I see a shift to shorter lengths." Another trend is press-on nails, which now fit better and stay in place longer. Finally, be on the lookout for wine and Bordeaux colored nails.