Mike Tindall posing with his mouth open.
Mike Tindall Divulged The Harsh Reality Of Marrying Into The Royal Family
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By Britt Hawes
When retired rugby champion Mike Tindall married Zara Tindall, the daughter of Prince Anne, in 2011, he learned about the harsh realities of being in the royal family.
Mike discovered firsthand that becoming a member of the royal family doesn't guarantee an easy life, and it certainly doesn't make you instantly rich.
During the filming of the ITV1 & ITVX documentary "Grand Slammers," Mike also pointed out how difficult it was to adjust to his new persona and highly publicized life.
"I don't think you can ever sort of describe when you're so used to being around that many people [...] where you fit in to then not being that person," Mike stated.
Luckily, Zara was there to support Mike through his identity crisis. "Zara would say if she was honest it was probably a year it took me to figure out what I was," Mike recalled.