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Meg Ryan, known in the '80s and '90s as "America's Sweetheart", has announced a new romantic comedy is on the way — and she'll be both the star and the director of the new film. The new film, called "What Happens Later," will be her first romantic comedy in more than ten years.
"What Happens Later" is being dubbed as "an evolved and nostalgic take" on the rom-com genre, with the film focusing on rekindling an old flame between two former lovers. Willa (Ryan) bumps into her ex, Bill (David Duchovny), at an airport where they're snowed in and spend the night talking about their past and whether they have a future together.
Even though it's been years since she's acted in one, Ryan still enjoys romantic comedies, which may explain why she's returning to direct and star in one after all this time. "What Happens Later" will begin filming in Arkansas in late 2022, with a 2023 release date.