Johnny Depp’s love life has been in the news a lot lately, but it seems that he has found love once again — this time with German supermodel Sophie Hermann. Born into a prestigious family in Munich, Hermann spent her formative years in Switzerland and eventually moved to London to start a new life for herself.
After studying fashion in Milan, she made her debut on the show "Made in Chelsea" in 2013, and she has even started an eponymous fashion label. Reports began circulating in September of 2020 that Sophie Hermann and Johnny Depp were linked, following a chance encounter at London's Corinthia hotel.
According to the Daily Star, Hermann “slipped her phone number between the strings of his guitar,” which Depp clearly used, since it’s reported they’ve made phone calls back and forth. While she hasn't spoken about Depp in particular, Hermann has been open about looking for love and her desire to have children, even sharing that she has considered “freezing her eggs.”