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Meet Briana Brancato, The Assistant Who Once Saved Matthew Perry's Life
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Matthew Perry, the beloved actor known for his role in "Friends," had a profoundly impactful relationship
with his assistant, Briana Brancato, who saved
his life at one point.
Brancato and Perry first crossed paths at a rehab facility where Brancato was working. Impressed by her, Perry hired her as his assistant, a role she held for seven years.
While their relationship was initially misconstrued as romantic, Perry clarified in his memoir that their bond was strictly platonic, rooted in mutual support
and understanding.
When Perry's colon burst during a rehab stint, Brancato personally rushed him to UCLA despite the rehab staff advising against it. The actor later credited her for saving his life.
During his prolonged recovery, Brancato was a constant, unwavering presence, even spending five months with him during his hospitalization
and subsequently in a
sober living house.
The duo agreed to quit smoking together, and while Brancato often desperately craved a cigarette, Perry's dedicated P.A. never
gave in because she
honored their pact.
"She saved my life at the rehab when my insides exploded, and she saves it every day still. Who knows what I'd do without her; I intend to never find out," Perry said of her.
Following Perry's passing, Brancato paid tribute to him on Instagram, sharing heartfelt memories and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work with him for several years.