Malia Obama posing with a straight face.
Malia Obama Inherited Her Dad Barack's Worst Habit
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By Nya Étienne and Kristen Gaydos
In 2016, Malia Obama faced a marijuana scandal after photos of her smoking at Lollapalooza went viral. Since then, Malia has been spotted smoking on numerous occasions.
In 2020, Malia was seen taking a cigarette break alongside her boyfriend while at Harvard. In 2023, she was again seen indulging outside a convenience store in Los Angeles.
While old habits die hard, it appears that smoking runs in the family. At the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama had opened up about his struggles with nicotine.
However, in 2011, Barack decided to quit smoking cold turkey. In his memoir "A Promised Land," he revealed that it was actually Malia who inspired him to end his addiction.
"I think that he didn't want to look his girls in the eye and tell them that they shouldn't be doing something that he was still doing," Michelle Obama told iVillage.
Now an adult and college student, Malia can make her own choices when it comes to smoking cigarettes or marijuana. If she wants to quit, we're sure Barack would be supportive.