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Keanu Reeves Was Never The Same After The Deaths Of His Daughter And Girlfriend
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In 1998, actor Keanu Reeves met Jennifer Syme, an aspiring actress. They started planning their lives together, but unfortunately, fate had other plans for them.
Less than a year after the couple got together, Syme was pregnant. Sadly, in her eighth month of pregnancy, she gave birth to their stillborn daughter on Christmas Eve.
Syme experienced post-natal depression on top of grief and sorrow from her daughter’s death. Their relationship eventually fell apart, but the two remained friends.
At the time, Reeves told the police that he and Syme were dating again. In a 2006 interview with Parade, he confessed "I miss all the great things that will never be."
"Much of my appreciation of life has come through loss. Life is precious. It's worthwhile," Reeves told Parade. He also added that grief lasts forever but "changes shape."