Kate Middleton in red and Meghan Markle in blue walking together and smiling
Kate Middleton in red and Meghan Markle in blue walking together and smiling
Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle: A Complete Timeline Of Their Feud
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By Women Lifestyle Staff
The Beginning
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship moved fairly quickly, and the speed of their relationship was a concern that Prince William vocalized. Things came to a brief head in 2017 when Harry confronted his brother and Kate about their reservations and hostility toward Meghan, and they had a falling out over it.
The Move
After Harry and Meghan got married, they moved to Kensington, and the two brothers and their wives became neighbors. Whispers started circulating about tension between Kate and Meghan, and when the Sussexes announced their move to Frogmore Cottage, it was taken as a sign that relationships were going downhill.
Dress Fiasco
Kate thought Charlotte and her fellow bridesmaids would wear tights during Meghan and Harry's wedding, but Meghan didn't want the girls to wear them. What started as a small disagreement reportedly spiraled into a huge argument, leaving Kate in tears and causing it to become a big wedge between the sisters-in-law.
At the Commonwealth Day celebrations in 2019, Kate greeted Meghan with a kiss on both cheeks, but a palace source later shared it was deliberate. Kate was under the impression that a display of warmth between her and Meghan would squash reports of a feud, but it only brought more attention to their rumored distance.
PR Moves
By July 2019, with the reported feud between both them and their husbands heating up in the headlines, a few choice outings made it obvious they were trying to control the damage. Kate and Meghan cheerfully attended Wimbledon together and went with their husbands and children to a polo match shortly after.