Even though the Duggars are part of TV history, fans continue to keep up with them on social media. On April 5, 2022, Jessa and her family went out to eat in a restaurant near their Arkansas home, and she posted a video that caught her followers' attention.
Jessa’s children were seen dancing in circles, twirling around to the music playing in the background, and you could hear their dad, Ben Seewald, saying, “You guys are good dancers!” Jessa, of course, grew up in a conservative household where her mother told her that dancing encourages “sensual” feelings that can’t be acted upon before marriage.
Despite her own upbringing, Jessa has no reservations about allowing her children to dance. Fans delightedly commented on her post, with one saying, “Don’t take this the wrong way – but I love that you let your kiddos dance!!” and another commenting, “[T]his is Jessa and Ben's own family now and they have their own preferences and own way of raising their kids the way they see fit.”