Ivanka Trump posing for a photograph with her daughter, Arabella Kushner
Ivanka Trump's Daughter Arabella Is Tall Like Her Uncle Barron In New Photo
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In August 2023, just a month after celebrating her 12th birthday, Arabella Kushner and her father, Jared Kushner, were photographed taking a stroll together, side by side.
In the image, Arabella's head reaches up to her 6'3" father's chin, a clear indication that she is fast approaching the height of her mother, Ivanka Trump, who stands at 5'11".
Arabella is only five years younger and a few inches shorter than her uncle, Barron, who is reportedly 6'7" and currently holds the title of the tallest member in the Trump family.
While Barron Trump, at 17 years old, is nearly at the end of his growth phase, Arabella still has about three more years to reach her full height potential.
This growth trend for Arabella lines up with the Trump family's general average height. Most members, including Ivanka and her siblings, are notably over six feet tall.