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Inside The Ill-Fated Romance Of The Young And The Restless’ Sharon And Dylan
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In "The Young and The Restless," Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) re-entered Sharon Collins' (Sharon Case) life when she accidentally ran his car off the road.
Dylan and Sharon grew close and fell in love. Eventually, Sharon became pregnant but tragically miscarried, keeping the truth hidden from Dylan to protect him from the pain.
She accepted his marriage proposal, planning to try for another pregnancy as soon as possible, but she developed pseudocyesis and was convinced she was pregnant when she was not.
Sharon's erratic behaviors began to worry Dylan. After he insisted that she seek professional help, Sharon admitted herself to a psychiatric hospital.
Dr. Anderson Sandy (Elizabeth Bogush) separated Dylan and Sharon, taking control of Sharon’s pregnancy. Little did anyone know that the doctor had a grudge and a sinister plan.
Dr. Sandy conspired to get revenge on Sharon's ex-husband, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), by plotting to give Sharon the baby of Nick and his pregnant wife, Sage (Kelly Sullivan).
The doctor supported Sharon’s delusion of being pregnant. When Sage gave birth, Dr. Sandy drugged both women, gave Nick and Sage’s baby to Sharon, and told Sage the baby died.
Sharon learned the truth, but when Dr. Sandy was murdered, she kept it a secret. When Sage found out, she rushed to tell Nick their baby was alive but had a tragic car accident.
Sharon rushed to her aid, but it was too late. With her dying breath, Sage pleaded with Sharon to let her hold her child before she died and begged Sharon to tell Nick the truth.
Unsurprisingly, Sharon chose to keep the secret until Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) disclosed the hidden information, so Nick sued for custody of his child and won.
The loss of their child deeply affected Dylan. He immersed himself in work and volunteered for risky assignments, one of which resulted in him entering witness protection.
Sharon’s heart broke, and while she wanted to go with him, she couldn’t leave her children. Eventually, Dylan mailed her divorce papers, finalizing their separation.