Barack Obama speaking at his pre-election visit to Iowa in 2008
Inside Barack Obama’s Relationship With His Estranged Republican Brother Malik
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Barack Obama is known for prioritizing family, but his elder half-brother, Malik Obama, has publicly complained that he was not financially supporting their Kenyan relatives.
In a 2013 interview, Malik said he was disappointed about how his brother treated people and said Barack ignored his requests to save Libya's Colonel Gaddafi.
Two years later, Malik gave an interview with Joel Gilbert, a conservative conspiracy theorist who said Obama Sr. wasn't the president's biological parent.
Malik told Gilbert that he had asked Barack for $20,000 for their aunt's funeral but was told it was too much. By 2016, Malik's complaints grew louder.
He endorsed Donald Trump, expressing disappointment in the Obama administration, and added that he would support the Republican Party as they stood against "same-sex marriage."
Most shocking of all was in 2017, when Malik retweeted a fake birth certificate on X to lend support to the lie that Barack was not born in the U.S.
While their sister, Auma Obama, criticized the post, attributing it to Malik's jealousy over his half-brother's success, Barack has never publicly spoken negatively about Malik.
In 2020, Malik released the book "Big Bad Brother from Kenya," casting Barack in a negative light. By 2023, the relationship between the two brothers was reportedly non-existent.