Hands of a young woman with long red manicure on nails against light background
If You're An Enneagram Type 9, You Should Try This Nail Color
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The Enneagram personality test can help you make many life decisions, including small, simple, and fun ones, like which nail polish color to pick. If you’re an Enneagram Type 9, you’re known as "The Peacemaker," known for your stability, calmness, and ability to manage conflict; these nail colors perfectly match your tranquil nature.
The colors you wear and surround yourself with can alter your mood, and since maintaining a peaceful and harmonious state is important to Type Nines, subtle and serene nail shades like light pink, light blue, and lavender fit perfectly. Type Nines are also creative, and ombré nail designs or alternating colors are great trends to try.
If you're feeling bold and want to spice things up, try earthy and jewel tones, which will pair seamlessly with your love of all things tranquil. Deep shades of green, dark golds or yellows, and deep blues are peaceful options that will make you feel more naturalistic and in touch with your surroundings.