Enneagram personality test results can help explain our personalities, and if you’re an Enneagram Nine, you’re known as “The Peacemaker” and are characterized by being calm, level-headed, and zen. You can adapt pretty much anywhere and are a people-pleaser, but these drinks will let you just kick back, have fun, and treat yourself.
As a Type 9, your fear is pushing others away, so to bring them back in, order a drink that is fun, flirty, and reinforces your positive attitude. A Tequila Sunrise, made with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, fits the bill, and a more low-key drink to try is a Sea Breeze, which is made with vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice.
If you aren’t a huge fan of liquor and prefer beer, you should try a Lager or Pilsner, like the Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner, or even a Miller Light to keep it simple. If you want wine instead, try a Pinot Noir for red wine and Pinot Grigio for white wine, as they’re both great options when looking to have a relaxing, peaceful night.