Your Enneagram personality test result can let you delve into your psyche and learn things about yourself. Enneagram type Sevens are always looking for something fun to do and love having exciting life experiences, since their deepest fear is missing out on all the fun things life has to offer, so if you're a Seven and considering moving house, read on.
Since Enneagream Sevens are known as “The Adventurers,” they should move to a place that’s energetic and fun, such as Amsterdam. Amsterdam has many places to see and activities to choose from, such as festivals, restaurants, museums, and there are also plentiful job opportunities that strike a great work/life balance, so you can play and work hard.
Another great place for Type Sevens is Cape Town, South Africa, since it also has many diverse activities and sights, such as cave diving with sharks, seeing penguins up close, and trying various wine tours. Another fitting city is New Orleans, since it’s considered to be a "party city" — any Type Seven would love attending Mardi Gras every year.