If you’ve taken the Enneagram personality test and got Type Five, you’re known as “the investigator,” which means you're very curious, but also introverted. Type Fives don’t like to follow what others are doing and their looks are usually the least of their worries, but that doesn't mean that Fives can't have a hairstyle that is perfect for them.
Fives prefer things with enduring appeal instead of trends that will be over in five minutes, so when it comes to hair, try styles that the mainstream considers "outdated." An eccentric Five may want to try space buns, whereas more modest people will love a sleek, straight look or a high ponytail; these styles are easy to achieve without too much effort.
Just because Fives don’t care as much about their appearance doesn’t mean they can’t have great style. If you’re thinking about amping up your wardrobe to match your retro-unique hairstyle, UM Square Magazine recommends a pastel dress or a flannel, while Gilk’s recommends experimenting with bold patterns and bright colors.