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If You're An Enneagram Type 4, You Should Try This Wellness Trend
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The Enneagram Four personality, known as “The Individualist,” involves constructing one's identity around difference from others, rather than similarities. Type Fours may take pride in being unique individuals, but they often feel like they’re missing out on positive feelings that others experience; these wellness trends will relieve that kind of stress.
Type Fours prefer to work through stress independently, which is why yoga and journaling are fitting stress relievers; these introspective and calming activities don't require other people to be present. Once you create your own mental sanctuary, you can express your emotions through journaling, and yoga will allow you to get outside of your head and refocus.
That being said, dealing with stress all on your own isn't the healthiest habit, since too much alone time can lead to overthinking and spiraling thoughts. There's a difference between enjoying solitude and cutting yourself off from others, so Type Fours should still spend time with loved ones and try to find common ground with other people.