The Enneagram personality test can give you insight on your personality, and Enneagram Type 4 is the result known as “The Individualist.” Type Fours stand out from the crowd because they love to take risks, and one risk that can have a high reward is trying out a brand-new hairstyle — this is what we recommend.
Type Fours are motivated by expressing their own individuality and uniqueness, and the perfect way to do this is to get a creative hairstyle. Instead of dyeing your hair a natural color, try a fun hue like a bright pink or deep purple. You can even rock trends that are considered "outdated" today, such as permed or crimped hair.
Type Fours also love fun and flexible careers, so if you enjoy changing up your hair so much that you could do it every day, consider becoming a hairstylist. Also, don't forget to match your outfits to your expressive and unique hairdo; go wild with coordinates and accessories, because you don't like rules, and life doesn't really have any.