The Enneagram personality test is a fun way to learn about yourself, since it can guide you on what books to read, who you’re compatible with, and even what kind of hairstyle you should try. If you’re an Enneagram Three, you’re known as “the achiever” and are characterized as successful and ambitious, and your hair should match your personality.
Type Threes put a lot of effort into their looks and love to follow trends, and some of the trendiest hairstyles at the moment are textured layers, a short and wild shag, a blunt collarbone cut, a soft-curved bob, or a cheekbone-grazing 1990's bob. These styles are also low-maintenance, so you can focus on your other passions.
Not only do Threes love trendy hairstyles, but they also stay current with the latest clothing trends, which include bold statement pieces and gold jewelry. Some great pieces to match your cool hairstyle are cat-eyes glasses, sequins, and velvet clothing options, which can be paired with embellished jeans and a simple black blazer.