Pretty female using jade roller on face skin for smoothing at home. Woman doing self beauty care treatment at home.
If You're An Enneagram Type 2, You Should Try This Wellness Trend
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There are so many wellness trends to try out, but if you know your Enneagram number, you’ll be able to figure out your personality type and which trend works best for you. If you’re an Enneagram 2, you’re considered "the helper," which means you’re warm, friendly, and a people-pleaser, so this particular wellness will benefit you the most.
A facial massage with a jade roller, ice roller, or a gua sha tool is perfect for you; as a Type 2, you’re always making sure those around you feel loved, but you might be neglecting yourself in the process, so set aside time for pampering. Facial massages may provide anti-aging effects, reduce wrinkles, and drain lymph buildup in your face.
To do a facial massage, start by applying a mild cleanser, followed by a facial oil or moisturizer; then, using a facial roller, start at your forehead, moving upwards towards your hairline, then move to your eye area, cheeks, and mouth, saving your chin and neck for last. These massages may also help with acne, skin dullness, nasal congestion, and more.