Figuring out your Enneagram number by taking the popular personality test can come in handy, as your result can explain your habits, emotions, flaws and desires. Enneagram Fours are known as Individualists, and this is the self-help book they should read to embrace their identity and find happiness.
Enneagram Fours “are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved,” and most likely, they have a desire to understand who they are. As the Individualist, they set themselves apart from other people, especially when it comes to their flaws, but this can make them feel misunderstood and lead to a self-destructive cycle.
A great self-help book is “How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t” by Andrea Owen, which will help Enneagram Fours avoid self-destructing and learn to take control of their lives. Fours get upset with themselves when things don't go how they expected, and this book can teach them how to reach the happiness they desire and deserve.