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If You're A Scorpio, This Is The Perfect Pet For You
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People under the Scorpio zodiac sign are known for having darker characteristics, like being sly and secretive, so you may not think of them as animal lovers. Since Scorpios are passionate and resourceful, when they do get a pet, they are devoted and committed to them, and these are some critters that are perfect for Scorpios.
Snakes may not be the most conventional pets around, but both snakes and Scorpios are mysterious, unique, and intimidating. Snakes do require a lot of attention and maintenance; they need to eat live or frozen rodents and can live for over 20 years, so make sure you’re 100% committed before getting one.
If you’re looking for a more cuddly pet, a strong dog is best for a person with a strong Scorpio personality, so bloodhounds, golden retrievers, and pit bulls are ideal. These dogs are very bold, which many find intimidating, but Scorpios enjoy having bold pets, and they’ll give their dogs tons of love and affection.