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How To Tackle Changes In Your Eyebrows As You Age
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In their 40s, men and women begin to see their eyebrows thinning due to decreased testosterone and estrogen. Luckily, there are ways to combat this.
Before you can fix your eyebrows, it’s essential to know which issues you’re dealing with. Besides age, it could be an underlying medical disorder.
Once you establish that the cause isn’t medical, try beauty remedies like microblading, a semi-permanent solution that punctures the skin under the brows with a tiny needle.
You can also get an eyebrow transplant, which grafts hair with follicles from above the ears to the brow area to encourage new hair growth. If it takes, the outcome lasts forever.
One step further is tattooed eyebrows, which are meticulously made into a perfectly arched eyebrow shape with textured, hair-like strokes that can last a lifetime.
If you aren't fond of being poked and prodded, the market's best brow tints, brow gels, and concealers will work wonders to spruce up your disappearing eyebrows.