Young female domestic Norwegian forest cat jumping on white background.
How To Keep Your Cat From Eating Too Fast
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When your cat eats too fast, they often regurgitate their food, which results in you having to clean it up while your cat is still hungry and possibly stressed out. If you have a multi-cat household, your cat might find meal time competitive, and will try to inhale all the food before your other cats can touch it.
If you think one or more of your cats are feeling competitive, feed them in separate rooms and keep their food bowls away from each other. The anxious cat will get used to being fed alone without competing, and will slow down. However, if you only have one kitty, there are more solutions to explore, such as different types of food dishes.
Try spreading out cat food on a baking tray to increase surface area, or use a bowl with obstacles such as bumps or ridges. Also, wet food doesn't expand in your cat's stomach, making it less likely for them to throw up, but if dry food is preferred, try adding water so it will expand in advance and give your kitty a better sense of how much they're eating.