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How To Get Rid Of Charley Horses
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stay hydrated
To prevent a charley horse, stay hydrated and drink enough throughout the day. Try bottled or coconut water that contains electrolytes, because minerals like potassium, magnesium, and chloride that prevent cramps better than plain water. You can also get electrolytes from foods such as chicken.
light Exercise
According to Mayo Clinic, light exercises before bed can keep nighttime muscle cramps at bay. Some recommended workouts are jogging in place, using an exercise bike, or even walking up and down the stairs, but keep it low key, as a moderate or intense workout at night can negatively affect your sleep.
Ice and heat
The best way to relieve the pain from a charley horse is to apply heat, then ice the affected area. You can opt for a warm bath, shower, heating pad, or a warm towel on the cramp area, and then apply a cold pack wrapped in a towel to the skin (don't apply the cold source directly without wrapping it).
get comfier shoes
Ill-fitting shoes that lack support and prevent proper blood flow will create discomfort and potentially lead to a charley horse. This includes high heels, since the feet lay in an unnatural position, so try to find shoes with a lower or thicker heel, and incorporate some quick leg stretches like a calf stretch.
try these foods
According to Healthline, you can prevent charley horses by eating high-nutrient foods like papaya and avocado, which contain potassium and magnesium, and watermelon, which we all know is very hydrating. Foods like sweet potatoes, beet greens, Greek yogurt, and salmon are also great to include in your diet.