A man in a black suit with a silver geometrically-shaped belt
How To Add Edgy Chain Details To Your Wardrobe In 2023
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While chains were once designated for Coachella circa 2010-2016, they are now 2023's newest cutting-edge accessory. A chain-linked vest over any top is a unique way to spice up your outfit — try using it as your center statement or go for a more maximalist look like this one worn by Instagram user @amby.strickland.
Podcaster and fashion icon Emma Chamberlain is shown wearing simple neutrals, and she loops a multi-colored chain through her belt, giving it a loose-fitted tie that hangs almost to her knee. With geometric shapes linking to one another, Chamberlain has made this statement her own.
Night Out
Going sparkly adds a playful element to your look, and a chain-linked skirt, like this one rocked by Instagram user @laraaceliaa, is a head-turner. Mixed with a white baby tee, knee highs, and chunky jewelry, it's casual but edgy, and you can achieve the same low-key but dressy vibe with a chain-linked top.
Instagram user @adutakech shows how a simple, thin, chain-linked necklace can be the perfect minimalist and feminine touch to any outfit. In this post, she wears a strapless, brown leather top and simplifies the rest of her look with the gold chain around her neck, adding a tasteful sparkle.
Steel Sleeves
Although it might not be comfortable, a chain-linked isolated sleeve is the perfect balletcore accessory you can add to any look. Instagram designer @falconiereshop posted a picture of this incredible chain-linked short sleeve and turtleneck, handcrafted and tied with a bow.