How The Young And The Restless' Head Writer Plans To Change The Show
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"The Young and the Restless" is starting to feel different in the spring of 2022, and head writer Josh Griffith feels he finally has "Y&R" on the right course. The return of old characters and the introduction of new ones has given the soap a new lease on life, making viewers unlikely to miss a single day that the show is on air.
return of Diane Jenkins
It seems that soap opera roles can last a lifetime — enter Susan Walters’ version of Diane Jenkins, a character who was supposedly dead. Griffith wants to re-establish the Abbott family, and bringing back Diane, who has a big connection to Jack Abbott and can cause conflict with Phyllis, makes the storyline fall into place.
introduction of Allie
It turns out Jack Abbott has a grown granddaughter named Allie who he never knew about. He meets her for the first time when he goes to visit his dead son’s (Keemo) home in California. The real twist comes when fans learn that Allie and Diane are friends; the Abbott family is seriously about to explode.
The Newmans
No one will be more surprised to find out that Diane is alive than Nikki Newman, who still believes she killed Diane; Victor Newman will no doubt have a few choice words, too. The Newmans will lure Diane away from the Abbotts for a bit as she spars with them, the other family she wreaked havoc on over the years.