Whether you despise the show or consider it one of your guilty pleasures, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is a reality show that everyone knows and often has strong feelings about. The show initially aired in 2007, therefore it's safe to assume that the famous family has made a lot of money from it.
The Kardashians signed a contract with E! in 2017 to continue the original series for $30 million per season. They switched networks in 2021 and signed a two-season deal with Hulu to stream their new show "The Kardashians," reportedly worth close to $100 million.
When all the seasons and shows are added up, the major family members are expected to earn roughly $930,000 per episode. When asked why she wanted the show to continue, Kris Jenner replied, "Well, money always matters. I think that anybody would be foolish to say that money doesn't matter anymore."