(Original Caption) In a white satin evening gown embroidered in gold and pearls, Queen Elizabeth is shown in this royal command portrait. She wears the Rib and Star of the Order of the Garter, and a diamond and emerald tiara and necklace formerly belonging to the late Queen Mary. The rest of the Monarch's jewelry consists of a diamond and emerald bracelet and wrist watch. The Queen and Prince Philip were scheduled to pay a state visit to France from April 8th to 11th.
How Mourners Can Pay Respects To The Queen When She Lies In State
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Queen Elizabeth’s funeral has been carefully planned and rehearsed to make sure everything goes smoothly and she gets a proper goodbye. The queen’s ceremony is a 10-day series of events that will include muffled bells ringing, a casket procession, receptions for visiting dignitaries, a national day of mourning, and the official proclamation of Prince Charles as king.
The royal coffin will be moved from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster on the fifth day following her death, with a huge crowd shutting down London to watch the spectacle. The purple-draped coffin will stay in Westminster Hall for four days, where it will lay atop a raised box called a catafalque, which will be looked after by official guards.
Members of the royal family will keep “The Prince’s Vigil” for short periods, which is an honor given to British monarchs, and this period allows the public to pay their respects. The vigil will be open to visitors 23 hours a day and visitation is free; half a million people are expected to file by the casket, creating “a wondrous queue” that will stretch for miles, according to The Guardian.