It’s important to keep your immune system strong because it protects you from illness, and studies report that forgiving someone decreases stress levels that can sometimes weaken your immunity. Anything that can help you keep illness at bay is definitely worth trying.
Nervous system
Holding a grudge can spike your blood pressure and heart rate, preventing you from feeling calm and relaxed. Elevated blood pressure and heart rates can lead to a stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, or even dementia, so giving up on hard feelings can protect your nervous system.
High self-esteem will make you feel confident and secure, allowing you to make good decisions, including ones about life goals and relationships. Forgiving others can boost your self-esteem, and when you release feelings of resentment, you feel more in control of yourself and your life.
While forgiving someone is not a life-changing treatment for anxiety, especially if you have a condition, it can decrease your anxiety levels and help you calm down. Psychology Today states that after forgiving someone, you feel less irritable and therefore less anxious.
Stress can cause illnesses and raise your glucose levels, leading to conditions like diabetes, depression, and heart disease. One study revealed that people who forgave others noticed a significant improvement in how stress affected them, benefiting them physically and mentally.