Kat Dennings as Max Black in 2 Broke Girls
How Kat Dennings' Career Changed After 2 Broke Girls
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The Simpsons
In 2017, several months after "2 Broke Girls" wrapped, Kat Dennings voiced Lisa's roommate, Valerie, in an episode of "The Simpsons" titled "Mr. Lisa's Opus."
In this episode that takes place in the future, Lisa and Valerie become fast friends — perhaps more. The relationship between the two remained ambiguous throughout the episode.
Dallas & Robo
Following her brief stint on "The Simpsons," Dennings joined another animated comedy project called "Dallas & Robo" in 2018 as the lead character alongside John Cena.
The series was initially produced for YouTube Red, but the show was canceled after only eight episodes. In 2020, reruns of those eight episodes were picked up by the Syfy network.
ABC Pilot
In 2018, Dennings was also working on a comedy pilot for ABC in which she starred, called "How May We Hate You," based on the book of the same name.
The show was to follow Dennings’ Ellie, a hotel guest services specialist, alongside others, including Jason Michael Snow. However, the network passed on the show.
Dennings joined the female-led comedy produced by Margot Robbie, 2019’s "Dollface," and starred as the recently dumped Jules trying to rekindle her lost female friendships.
Season 2 arrived in February 2022, but many viewers had lost interest in the show after its long hiatus caused by the pandemic. Hulu canceled "Dollface" shortly after.
Between filming the two "Dollface" seasons, Dennings joined the comedy movie "Friendsgiving." The film’s large ensemble cast included Malin Akerman and Wanda Sykes.
Dennings shared with "Today," "It was kind of the most fun Thanksgiving in the world. Obviously, working with these people was a dream, but it was also just a fun time."