Zooey Deschanel smiling.
How Jonathan Scott Completely Botched Zooey Deschanel's Engagement Ring
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By Rachel Cash
Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel got engaged in 2023. For their October 2023 People cover story, Scott said he knew exactly the style ring Deschanel wanted.
While Scott had been holding onto a photo of Deschanel's dream ring for "probably over a year," the HGTV star amusingly made a mistake regarding the ring's size.
"People kept going, 'Why aren't you wearing a ring?!' I'm like, 'It was too big for me.' It still needs to be adjusted a little bit," Deschanel revealed.
When Scott consulted the jeweler about the ring size, they recommended a size 6. However, Deschanel corrected Scott and said the first ring was 5.5, and then 5, and now 4.75.