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How Donald Trump Jr.'s Controversial Halloween Candy Post Broke The Internet
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In 2017, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of then-President Donald J. Trump, sparked widespread controversy with a Halloween post on the social platform X
(formerly Twitter).
The post featured a photo of his then-three-year-old daughter Chloe, dressed in a police costume and displaying her Halloween candy, and was accompanied by a provocative caption.
It read, "I'm going to take half of Chloe's candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It's never to early to teach her about socialism." The post got a lot of criticism.
While some comments pointed out the mixup of his use of "to" instead of "too," many highlighted the irony in his post, noting that
trick-or-treating itself
resembles socialism.
Some rebuked Trump Jr. for using his child for political points, while others felt teaching Chloe to share her candy would have been a valuable lesson in kindness and empathy.