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How Does A MakeUp Eraser Work?
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Most makeup wipes contain sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, parabens and diazolidinyl urea, but by using reusable makeup-removing tools like the MakeUp Eraser, you don’t have to expose your skin to all those chemicals. This washable cloth claims to remove waterproof mascara, foundation, eyeliner, and even lash glue — just add water.
The idea for the MakeUp Eraser came to creator Elexsis McCarthy when she discovered that a bathrobe soaked in water could remove her makeup. Amazingly, the first erasers were handmade by McCarthy's grandmother; today, millions are being produced and used. Even better, each eraser can replace up to 3600 wet wipes.
The MakeUp Eraser is made of microscopic polyester fibers that absorb makeup residue, face oils, and debris; you simply soak the cloth in warm water and rub it on your face. The double-sided cloth features a short-fiber side to remove makeup and a long-fiber side for exfoliation. For best results, wash your Eraser once or twice a week.