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How Did Hilary Die On The Young And The Restless?
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After five years wreaking havoc, spilling all the tea on her local gossip web series GC Buzz, and falling in love with both a father and his grown son, Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) tragically died on "The Young and the Restless." Here’s how it happened.
Hilary decided she wanted to be a mother after her divorce from Devon Hamilton, and Devon still agreed to be the father, so they both went to the sperm bank, but she miscarried. Later, they went the traditional route and were overjoyed when Hilary became pregnant, prompting them to reunite.
When Devon's sister, Lily Winters' son, Charlie, was discovered in a compromising position with Hilary's foster daughter, Shauna, Lily was shocked and informed Hilary while Lily was driving and Hilary was in the passenger seat. Lily's rage forced her to shift her gaze away from the road, and a horrific accident occurred‌.
Hilary lost the baby and was bleeding internally, and the doctor told Devon that Hilary wouldn't make it, so he married her on her deathbed. Shortly after, Hilary passed away as Mishael Morgan had opted to leave the soap before returning ‌as Hilary's twin, Amanda Sinclair, nearly two years later.