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How CBD Can Help Alleviate Pain
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CBD, known as cannabidiol in the medical world, is derived from the hemp plant but has no psychoactive effects or potential for dependency, unlike THC. Many have used CBD in the form of oils, massages, pills, edibles such as gummies, and more for its purported health benefits, and this is how CBD can play a role in alleviating pain.
Studies on animals and humans show that CBD is an effective treatment for chronic pain and trouble sleeping resulting from pain. CBD works by binding onto two kinds of receptors in the body: the CB1 receptor, which impacts pain and emotional states, and the CB2 receptor, which interacts with the immune system and can help pain and inflammation.
Those who use CBD experience less pain with no psychoactive side effects, but physical side effects such as fatigue and changes in appetite can occur. Also, CBD products are federally legal, but not regulated by the FDA; closely examine products and ask a doctor to see which form of CBD could be right for you.