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How Bob Barker Spent His Final Days
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Bob Barker, one of the most legendary game show hosts of our time, died on August 26, 2023. The former "The Price Is Right" host passed away in his LA home at 99 years old.
Barker fully supported animal rights and continued to fight for them, even after he retired in 2007. He was a known vegetarian and collaborated with PETA multiple times.
He pledged millions of dollars to PETA, which allowed them to launch their LA headquarters in 2012. The building now bears the name of its generous donor.
Unfortunately, Barker’s death was preceded by years of concerning medical issues. In 2015, he suffered a fall that injured his knee, then he fell again two years later.
This second fall triggered future episodes, one of the most recent being at the beginning of 2019. Despite all this, he will always be remembered as a positive influence.