Coastline at sunrise, Cala Macarella, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
How Being Around Water Can Improve Your Mood
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As much as we'd all love to take an extended vacation from work, that can't always happen; however, if you live near a body of water, you can take a quick trip there and get some positive mental and physical benefits. Researchers have found that two hours a week spent around water can increase health and happiness.
Dr. Lewis Elliot says those who go to the coast “at least twice weekly tend to experience better general and mental health,” and water gives you a better boost than green spaces, like a forest. Marine biologist Wallace J. Nicholas even coined the term “blue mind,” referring to a mind state where you’re fully present while in nature, including around bodies of water.
Not only are shades of blue very calming and help boost creativity, but the sound of water also has calming effects. Being around water has even been used to treat PTSD, such as in Israel with “The Boat Is Sailing,” a group sailing program founded in 2005 that helps unemployed Israeli veterans with the traumatic condition.