Alison Victoria smiling.
HGTV’s Alison Victoria Took 400k From Her Friends (And Hasn’t Paid Them Back)
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By Megan Moore
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, HGTV star and interior designer Alison Victoria admitted to borrowing $400,000 from her best friends for a home makeover project.
Victoria purchased an almost 7,000-square-foot building that housed offices in the 1930s and decided to convert it into her home, per her realtor's suggestion.
Although Victoria initially thought the sale of her Vegas home would cover the costs, she soon realized that the makeover and her ambitious ideas for the space wouldn't come cheap.
Unfortunately, no bank would give her a conventional loan since Victoria broke ties with Donovan Eckhardt, her once business partner who is now amid legal troubles.
So, Victoria had to turn to her friends for financial assistance. While she has not repaid the loan yet, Victoria is committed to working hard and returning the borrowed money.