Stacy Haiduk is known for playing the “bad girl” role on several TV shows, whether it’s the classic soap opera “Days Of Our Lives” or other series such as “Prison Break.” In many of her dramatic roles, Haiduk experiences heartbreak, but in reality, she has a very happy and successful romantic life with her husband Bradford Tatum.
Haiduk and Tatum met on the set of “SeaQuest” and got married a couple years later; Tatum is an author and actor, known for the comedy movie “The Stoned Age.” In 2016, he joined the cast of the HBO hit series “Westworld,” as has also appeared in shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “Charmed” over the years.
The couple share a daughter named Sophia Tatum, who is also an actor and has appeared in films such as “I Am Not Okay with This,” as well as the hit teen drama “Riverdale.” Haiduk shared a heartfelt message to her husband for their 26th wedding anniversary, writing, “Our world is a unique one, and I wouldn't have it any other way!”