James Reynolds played the memorable and beloved character of Abraham Carver in “Days of Our Lives,” who had a very heartfelt and loving relationship with the character Lexie Carver. As it turns out, Reynolds himself has a very beautiful love story with his wife, Lissa Layng, whom he married back in 1985.
In 2021, the couple celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary, and Reynolds took to Twitter to express his love for his wife, writing, “For my wife, Lissa. She is loving, caring, and kind! I am lucky! 36 years of wedded bliss.” The couple is also very involved in their local community and they love giving to charity.
Reynolds and his wife participate in an annual bowl-a-thon that benefits the National Asthma Center, as well as an annual basketball game that benefits South Pasadena city schools. Additionally, the couple own the Fremont Centre Theatre, where they help professional actors showcase their skills for Hollywood.