The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honors performers from all genres who have had a significant impact on youth culture. Dolly Parton reveals that she is still conflicted about being picked, but she promises that an album with a certain rock legend will be released soon.
Parton first tried to reject the honor because she felt she didn't measure up to the rock legend standard, but she eventually accepted and tweeted, “I am honored and humbled that I have been voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” Parton stated that "to earn [her] title," she will “sing the hardest style rock 'n' roll song [she] could ever muster up just to show that [she] can do it."
She then hopes to try her hand at the genre herself, saying, "I've always wanted to do a fantastic rock record, and I'm going to do that." The rock album would include songs like Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" and the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction," but she doesn't want to do it alone, so she plans to persuade Mick Jagger to join her.