LONDON, NOVEMBER 13:   Prince Charles, Prince of Wales poses for an official portrait to mark his 60th birthday, photo taken on November 13, 2008 in London, England. (Photo by Hugo Burnand-Pool/Getty Images)
Here's What Will Happen When King Charles III Dies
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It's difficult to think about now, but at some point, King Charles III will pass away, and his son, Prince William, will be named king of England. As with Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family will be plunged into mourning following his death, but even more prominent and long-lasting effects will take place from that point onward.
Menai Bridge
There are already plans for the death of Charles III, nicknamed "Operation Menai Bridge" after a bridge that connects the mainland of Wales to the island of Anglesey. Former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan says the planning of Menai Bridge began the day after Elizabeth died, and it will likely be similar to her funeral plans.
Prince George
Young Prince George, who made his royal debut at Wimbledon in July 2022, will become heir apparent when his father William takes the throne. It can be assumed George will inherit William's previously inherited and earned titles; when Charles ascended to the throne, William gained his father's former title of Prince of Wales.
order of succession
Going by tradition, the order of succession upon Charles' death will put George's children before his sister Princess Charlotte and his brother Prince Louis. This pattern will continue all the way through Prince Harry, his children with Meghan Markle, and any children they might have had ahead of the passing of King Charles III.
william's name
English monarchs often changed their names upon taking the throne, but neither Queen Elizabeth nor King Charles did so. Prince William could become King William V, but his full name is William Arthur Philip Louis, meaning he could wind up as King Arthur, King Philip, or King Louis.
kate's new title
Camilla Parker-Bowles was given a new title, queen consort, after her husband took the throne, and the same will happen to Kate Middleton, but it's likely that Kate will be known as Queen Catherine. She will also be crowned alongside her husband at his own coronation, which we can expect for Camilla as well.