Early life
Tabitha’s real name is Erin Murphy, and she was born in Encino, California in 1964 and starred in commercials as an infant. At 2 years old, she and her fraternal twin, Diane, got the role of Tabitha Stephens on “Bewitched,” but as they grew up, it was Erin who kept the part.
After “Bewitched”
When “Bewitched” ended, Murphy was only nine years old, but she was quick to find other work in commercials and TV guest appearances. Murphy told Life After 50 Magazine, “I did over 80 commercials [...] I kind of lost interest, because I was into things like cheerleading and school activities.”
Being a teenager
Murphy attended El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California, and she insists that she had a very normal high school life. During high school, she was a cheerleader, in her high school dance production, and was crowned Homecoming Queen.
So many jobs
Murphy worked all kinds of jobs in and out of show business, and she told The Tolucan Times, “It's a good thing to push yourself and maybe do things that are a little scary. It keeps life interesting.” She soon found herself back in front of the camera working as Virginia Madsen’s stunt double, before landing a new role of her own.
Reality TV
Murphy became a correspondent for Fox Reality Channel, which she says was a good fit because she could “make lunches and take my kids to school, work for a few hours, and still be home before school let out.” However, Murphy says that her true acting interests still lie in the sitcom realm.