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Here's What Happened To Keemo On The Young And The Restless
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When Jack Abbott of “The Young and the Restless” started talking about his son, Keemo, in 2022, after decades of the character barely being mentioned, fans wondered if Keemo would finally be returning to the Genoa City scene. Alas, that was not meant to be.
In the 1990s, Jack’s wartime love from Vietnam, Luan, appeared in Genoa City and told him that he had a son named Keemo. At Luan’s behest, Christine Blair helped find Keemo and bring him to Genoa City, but he was only in Jack’s life for two years and never appeared again.
When Jack refused to tell Keemo that Luan was dying, Keemo returned to Vietnam with his sister. After Luan died, Keemo was furious with his father for keeping the truth from him, leaving him feeling abandoned by both parents.
Jack supposedly made amends, but in 2022, he admitted to his family that his relationship with Keemo had been strained and they hadn't spoken in a long time. By following text messages from a mystery person, he made a connection to Keemo, only to discover his son had died and left behind a daughter named Allie.