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Here's How To Start A Career As A Librarian
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If you love books, you've probably spent some time in your local library and gotten familiar with your librarian. What you may not know is that becoming a librarian isn't a cake walk and requires more skills than sorting books; a major way to make your job hunt easier is to get a degree from a program certified by the American Library Association.
For senior librarian positions, you'll need an undergraduate and graduate degree; specifically, a graduate degree in either library or information sciences, certified by the ALA. Good grades, solid recommendation letters, and high marks on the Graduate Record Examination are all serious boons if you're aiming for a spot in higher academia.
However, many public librarian jobs have apprenticeship or trainee programs available, meaning a graduate degree and other formal qualifications are not required. Whether you become a school librarian, a cataloguer, or land a different position, you must learn to properly manage stock and keep an eye out on newly-released books.
Also, as you rise in rank in your librarian career, you may gain the responsibility of public outreach services for your library, or you could even be put in charge of its social media presence. Once you’ve decided on the type of librarian you want to be, you can research exactly what it is you need to get started.