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While working on the TV series "GCB," Kristin Chenoweth earned the nickname “Snack Pack,” because she was so short that co-star Leslie Bibb would often pick her up. Chenoweth shared that she’s used to being picked up and doesn’t mind it, but is she as short as she appears?
She lives up to her "Snack Pack" nickname by only being 4 feet, 11 inches tall, and she has jokingly discussed some of the perks of being short, including being shorter than George Clooney and not having to worry about flats. On the negative side, she listed her inability to see over bank countertops, the dangers of loading dishes, and sometimes being invisible at parties because no one can see her.
While tall men have wanted to date her, Chenoweth may have found her perfect match in fiancé Josh Bryant, who is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, precisely a foot taller than her. The pair made their engagement announcement in October 2021, and they plan to have a small, intimate affair with just family, where Chenoweth (perhaps surprisingly) will not be singing.